SE - MA - FOR Film festival

Festival dates :      October 14 -21, 2016 - 6th edition


                                   Cruise on board th MSC Armonia  *

                                   (Départ de Civitavecchia / Italie)


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The 6th Edition of the Se-ma-for Film Festival has been incorporated in the first edition of the MAFF (Mediteranee Animation Film Festival) that will be held on a cruise in the Mediterranean in October 2016.


The festival has 3 competing Categories - Stop Motion, 2D and CGI. A prize will be given for best animated film in each category plus best overall animation. There will be workshops and Master classes.  

SMMX is an international project that promotes and disseminates stop motion animation since 2010. Year-round, SMMX encourages this unique combination of technology and craftwork with multidisciplinary workshops, conferences and events, involving participants from all around the world.


SMMX is also the only company in Mexico specialized in stop motion animation, providing studio services like production execution and mentorship, staff training and equipment and software sales. They also provide online and on-site education, conferences, master classes and interactive year-long events.


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In 2010, celebrating the 100th anniversary of creating first in the history stop motion animation "Beautiful Lukanida" by Wladyslaw Starewicz, Se-ma-for Film Foundation decided to establish the first European Festival specialised in stop motion. First edition was a great  success and only confirmed the rightfulness of that decision. Next years brought further growth of the Festival. Nowadays it is 5 days of screenings, meetings, workshops and international discussion about crucial issues for film production and coproduction. All of this happens in the City of Lodz, home of Polish film and animation industry.


Se-Ma-For Film Festival was the first European festival dedicated to stop-motion, especially puppet and three-dimensional animation and it is one of just a few Festival doing so in the world.

Other festivals dedicated to the art of stop motion !

Do you know of any other events dedicated to celebrating stop motion animation? We are very pleased to introduce the main festivals around the world, who like us, have a common goal of sharing the stop motion animation and educating the public on its unique frame by frame technique.  Since the creation of Festival Stop Motion Montreal in 2009, (previously called MSMFF), seven other similar events have popped up around the world. We are happy to present you with our brothers and sisters as the stop motion family grows!


Stop Motion Mexico

StopTrik International Film Festival was born in the alternative culture center Pekarna. From its very beginnings the festival has been a grassroots initiative that aims for international collaboration and cultivates openness for the novelties and appreciation for the tradition as well as focuses on alternative modes of culture production and perception.


StopTrik IFF remains successful in avoiding nuisances of typical mainstream events as it is a consciously and deliberately not hierarchized, red-carpet free festival. The organizers and all StopTrik IFF attendees are welcome to enjoy spirit of equality and stirring lack of barriers in chilled atmosphere.

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Festival dates : August 17 to19 - 4th edition


Mexico :               Centro Nacional de las Artes México    

                             Río Churubusco 79, 04210 Mexico City

Call for entries : 


* From September to December 2016  (4th edition, 2017)


Registration fees : None / Free


* Through Movibeta platforms and Festhome


Accepted techniques :


Stop Motion - Time lapse – Cut-Out - Pixilation


Stop motion animation including small amounts of live action footage can be submitted.

Stop Trik International Film Festival

Festival dates :      October 2017 (Slovenia) - 7th edition  

                                   November 2017 (Poland)


Slovenia:                    PEKARNA Magdalenske Mreže,

                                   (Alternative Culture Center Pekarna)


                                   Address : ob železnici 8, 2000 Maribor


Poland :                     Main address location - Unknown

Appel de candidature : TBA


Registration Fee : None / Free


Accepted techniques :


Puppets animation - Claymation - Objects or photography manipulation -Animation of loose materials (such as salt, sand, etc.)- Pixilation -  Traditional Cut-Out

Festival International Brasil Stop Motion

Festival dates :    April 26 to 30 -  6th edition


Brazil :                     Cinema São Luiz

                                Recife, State of Pernambuco - Brésil


                                & Católica University

Call for entries : Close


Registration fees : None / Free


Accepted techniques : from the definition below


Stop Motion animation consists of the movement achieved with three-dimensional objects or living figures, captured frame by frame and creating a sequence of animation.


In the case of mixed media, only films with a content of at least 70% of Stop Motion animation will be accepted.


Gesticulation - Rencontre de Stop Motion

Festival dates : Octobre 2017 -  3rd edition


Switzerland :        La Chaux-de-Fonds


                              Multiple locations

Call for entries : TBA


Registration Fee : None/ Free


Accepted techniques : Puppets animation, Cut Out, Pixilation, brickfilm, charchoal, sand

Each second of a stop motion video, be it the raising of an eyebrow, a sigh, or a hand grabbing a fruit, hides human beings moving around, pressing, screwing, reframing, etc. Gesticulation’s aim is to make the public discover and value this hidden aspect, specific to stop motion and great fun, since it is full of tricks and ploys.


Stop Motion Barcelona

Festival dates :       June 29th to July 1st  2017 -  2nd edition


Spain :                       Community center Can Felipa



Call for entries :  Open - Until May 15th, 2017


Registration Fees : Free


Accepted techniques : Pixilation - Puppets –Claymation- Cut Out ...



Stop Motion Barcelona Short Film Festival was created by  La Academia de Animación in Barcelona. It is dedicated exclusively to the world of stop motion animation and its first edition was held June 26th, 2016. During  that day, a short film competition was presented and a stop motion workshop for kids and families was given by El Bombeto, an itinerant animation and film workshop company.

Call for entries :  Unknown


Registration fees : Unknown

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Created in 2011 , the International Brazil Stop Motion Festival is the first Latin American international festival aimed exclusively forthis centuries-old technique of animation.


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