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Ninfa -  Emerging Talent 2

Claire Brognez (France)

Canada, QC 2016

The Paper Tiger - Emerging Talent 2

Hannah S. Kim

USA, RI 2017

Emerging Talent competition

Quarters -  Emerging Talent 1

Airin Budiman, Brad Flowers, Emily Millard, Karliegh Ivens, Maude Ashby, Tiya Zhong, Una Di Gallo, Virginia Findlay, Yingqi Wu.

Canada, ON 2017

Streaks of Rust -  Emerging Talent 1

Gates Callanan

USA, NY 2016

Laymun -  Emerging Talent 2

Catherine Prowse

UK, 2017

Lorem Ipsum -  Emerging Talent 2

Gabrielle Kash

USA, NY 2016

The Lost Soul -  Emerging Talent 1

Marie-Josée Doutre

Canada, QC 2017

2015 Edition

Chair -  Emerging Talent 1

Cristal Buemi (Canada, ON)

Spain, 2016

Aurora -  Emerging Talent 1

Matt Scharenbroich

USA, NY 2016

Fractals -  Emerging Talent 1

Over the Forest -  Emerging Talent 1

Between Sand and Tides

 Emerging Talent 2

Rui Fan Wang (Singapore)

UK, 2015

Rui Fan Wang (Singapore)

UK, 2016

Momo Hiramatsu &

Miu Nakamura

Japan, 2017

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Barber's Cut  -  Ind 2

Ediz Anavi

Turkey, 2017

Independent film competition

Une histoire de la tulipe - Ind 2

Isabelle Carignan-Chagnon

Canada, QC 2017

Soggy Flakes -  Ind 1

The Affolter Bros

Canada, BC, 2017

The Process -  Ind 2

Salman Sajun (Pakistan)

Canada,QC 2017

"Get Consent"

Animation Campaign - Ind 2

Daniel Sterlin-Altman &

Lori Malépart-Traversy

Canada, QC 2016

03_Soggy Flakes 02_Get Conscent 04_Une histoire de tulipe 12_The Process 11_Barber'sCut

Professional film competition

Little Lungs

Peter Sluszka


USA, NY 2017

Mirthful Castle

Farid Yahaghi (Canada, Qc)


Iran, 2017

01_Little Laungs_Snowboarding 2016 Edition

Festival Stop Motion Montreal is proud to provide a friendly forum where festivalgoers can meet the artists behind the films they are watching on the big screen. With the growing number of filmmakers participating in our short film competitions visiting us each year, an official meet the filmmakers activity has been added to the Festival calendar since 2015. Local and international filmmakers discuss their different techniques and approaches in a talk with the audience. Festival coordinator, Marie Valade, will host this event with dynamic exchanges between the artists and audience members.


Here is the list of filmmakers who participated at our 2017 edition.

Farid Yahaghi (Canada, QC)


Iran, 2017

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