Johan Oettinger is the founder of Wiredfly, a Danish animation studio specialized in short animated films, puppet making, and video games. In collaboration with Kong Orange Productions, the studio is presently developing Vokabulantis, an episodic game where animated film using puppets and video game techniques are combined. Discover the captivating universe and spectacular animation sequences in this game programmed in Unity.


The Vokabulantis project has been presented in Poland, at Animarkt – Stop Motion Forum in 2018, and in Sweden during the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö this year. A segment of the project, still in development at the time, was featured. Johan is coming to Montreal with his wife and artistic partner Urte to unveil the projects latest developments.


A segment of the game could be present and available to be experienced by the public during the Festival in our interactive video game zone on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. TBC


Official web site :

VIP passes and individual tickets on sale on Wednesday, August 28th, online, in limited quantities. Also available on site at the Festival box office from September 20st to 22nd, 1400 blvd de Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 2V8.



12 years old and under : 5.22$ + tx (6$)

Adults : 10.44$+tx (12$)


A service fee of $ 1 per ticket and credit (5%) is applicable on online purchases

J.A. de Sève Theater, 1400 Blvd Maisonneuve W, Montreal, H3G 2V8 (Guy-Concordia metro station)

Concordia University

Masterclass : Behind the scenes of the independent video game Vokabulantis (Denmark)

Saturday, September 21, 4:30 PM

Johan Oettinger (Denmark)

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Credit photo : Wirefly

About Vokabulantis


Vokabulantis is an episodic game where puppet film and computer game merge, so you experience and discover the poetic reality of language. 


The game makes language tangible. The tactility of puppet films in an interactive universe is for us the complete realization of the idea of making language something you can physically interact with and not just letters on a piece of paper or a screen.


In Vokabulantis you play the two friends Kurt and Karla. They can't tell each other that they like ... or love ... or ... you know… the words will not come out. That's because The World of the Language is out of balance and has stopped working since they've fallen in love.


Both Kurt and Karla are catapulted into The World of the Language where the game takes place. Here you shall try to balance things again, puzzle by puzzle.


Vokabulantis is a one-player game, in which you control Kurt and Karla. Each of them have their own special forces. You can switch between Kurt and Karla whenever you like, but you need both of them to solve the puzzles of the game. As a genre, the game is a mix between a point & click adventure (eg Machinarium), a puzzle platformer (eg Little Big Planet) and a game like The Cave, that also focuses on cooperation between the characters to solve puzzles.


We made the game for PC, but also took into account the possibility of it being published for consoles and handhelds further down the line.


The game is inspired by the author Morten Søndergaard's fantastic and really physical Word Pharmacy. He is also one of the core developers behind the game along with Johan Oettinger and his puppet animation studio Wiredfly. Kong Orange is the production company behind the whole thing.



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